S-Works Venge with Zipp 858 NSW


The S-Works Venge is a fast bike, and particularly so with the distinctively profiled Zipp 858 NSW wheelset.

With the 858 Zipp set out to make a wheel that'd be as fast as their 808, but with the ride feel (and resistance to side winds) of the 404. The result is this sawtooth profile, product of extensive development and an incredibly complex manufacturing process, and a massive saving of 7.5% drag compared to the 808 (at +/- 12 degree wind angle).

One of the areas you'll feel the most benefit is steering stability. Zipp have managed to reduce steering torque (how much the wheel tries to fight you when turning) to the same level as the 404. Pretty impressive for a rim that varies between 77mm and 82mm deep, compared to the 58mm deep 404s.

The rest of the build matches up with this focus on achieving speed without sacrificing practicality, including the superb Aerofly II bars and SRAM's impeccably fast and smooth-shifting eTap AXS, with its minimal gaps between gears to ensure a smooth cadence.

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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