Shand Stoater with Rohloff


The Stoater is Shand's most popular model. Versatility is the name of the game here, and the modular dropout allows for running conventional gears or a Rohloff, plus there's mounts for everything you can think of and large tyre clearance. Another contender for the crown of the do-it-all bike.

We built this example a while back but never got the chance to shoot photos, so we were lucky to get a chance to today when it was in for a check up.

Built with full custom geometry by Steven Shand in Scotland, this Stoater is based on the Rohloff option. Opting for the Gates belt drive option makes it even more weather proof for almost zero maintenance. Since the chosen colour scheme is black and red we worked hard to get matchy-matchy. Red Rohloff hub, red Gates carbon belt, red Chris King front hub and headset, even a red Thomson stem face plate and top cap.

Hed Belgium C2 rims are super tough and allow for wider tyres, such as these Panaracer Paselas in 35mm, pretty much the perfect all rounder as well as looking good.

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