Specialized Chisel


A chisel is a handy tool to have. And it might seem specialised, but it has a lot of uses.

That tortuous analogy brings us to the new Specialized Chisel. Seen here in Expert configuration, with a 1x drivetrain, 29er wheelset and plus RockShox Reba RL front suspension. If your main ride is a road bike, this makes the perfect fun/adventure/exploration machine - a versatile supplement to any rider's collection.

This is an alloy frame, not carbon, pretty unusual for our build gallery, but it's no ordinary aluminium. Specialized have a long history with "metal matrix" MTBs, and the M5 aluminium used here is a worthy successor; light, strong and responsive.

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking the smooth, swoopy shaped frame is a carbon monocoque, but in fact it uses "Smartweld" technology to ensure the joints are super strong with an extended surface area and an impeccable finish.

The 29in wheels will roll easily over pretty much any terrain, and the SRAM 1x11 gruppo keeps things simple and reliable (no front mech to worry about) whilst providing a huge range of gearing for all terrain.

That theme of stress-free performance continues with the threaded bottom bracket (the perfect choice here - reliable, creak-free, tried and tested) and we're always pleased to see a RaceFace crankset.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide all the stopping power you could ever need, with great modulation.

Low maintenance, high performance - this is a bike that you can just hop on and ride, perfect for those ad-hoc adventures, slinging in the back of the car, or simply exploring.


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