Specialized Ruby Expert


The Ruby is one of those quietly impressive bikes that is simply packed with useful, practical technology.

In the case of the Ruby it's all about going long distances quickly and in comfort. The front end has FutureShock suspension which uses a spring hidden away below the stem to provide extra damping on rough surfaces (with a choice of 3 easily swappable springs provided, so you can vary the level of suspension to suit the terrain).

At the rear a relatively skinny (by modern standards) 27.2mm seatpost provides some extra compliance, with a built-in elastomer damper too.

The standout on this build is the brand new Specialized Power Pro Elaston saddle (an upgrade from the standard issue). With a carbon fibre shell and titanium rails this is a saddle designed for performance as well as comfort. The padding is fairly slim, but it uses the new "Elaston" technology - basically packing it full of little beads expanded into the foam - which provides a great deal of comfort without any unnecessary 'squish'.

That really sums this bike up: It's designed and built to be both fast and comfortable. Thankfully the days are gone where you had to choose one or the other.

This is a great example of the Bespoke approach - even when taking an "off the peg" bike we do whatever is necessary to ensure the perfect fit for each individual rider. For your own dream bike, built to fit you perfectly, get in touch

photos by Bence Bujaki


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