Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc


UFO spotted over London!

Well, nothing would surprise us at this crazy time. But this is the CeramicSpeed UFO chain, paired with their OSPW oversized pulley wheel system - all part of a stunning triathlon race-ready S-Works Shiv Disc build.⁣

With its wide-spaced fork blades and slippery aero profile the Shiv is designed for speed, and CeramicSpeed's components aim to extract every last bit of performance. ⁣

Extreme? Yes. For everyone? No. But if you've dialled in your fit for optimal efficiency, followed your training programme to the letter and want to squeeze every last marginal gain out of your kit - there's a 15% reduction in chain friction here for the taking...

Each chain is individually optimised to provide the ultimate in low friction, and the UFO coating is designed to do the same. This is not a chain for mucky roads or bad weather, but for race day it's something very special, with a saving of 2-5 Watts available over competition distances.

Its paired here with the coated OSPW at the rear, the larger coated pulley wheels providing an efficient routing for the chain. The 1x RED eTap AXS is similarly speed-focused, and ENVE's SES 7.8 wheelset is a proven performer, whatever direction the wind is coming from.

All of this is perfectly fitted, because it doesn't matter how good the gear is if your position isn't dialled in for ultimate efficiency. Contact us to discuss a bike fit and your own unique build.


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