Specialized S-Works Venge Sagan Superstar Edition


Always a pleasure to build one of our favourite bikes. The S-Works Venge Sagan Superstar...

This beauty features Rotor's IN2power crankset, which measures power output on both sides. A fantastic boon to training. With Rotor's own noQ Aero chainrings it'll slice through the air as smoothly as the rest of this aerodynamically superb package.

Specialized's wind tunnel optimised cockpit features the distinctive 'dropped centre' bars for an extra-aero position, and disc brakes provide reliable stopping power no matter how fast you're going.

Need we mention the looks? That paint fleck just pops in the winter sun, and the reflective holographic decals complete what is always a stunning bike. Impressive, classy, fast, just like it's namesake.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker.


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