Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO


E-bikes aren't really a separate category of bike, they simply provide another option within each existing category, whether that's road, MTB, gravel/adventure, commuter, or whatever.

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO might not have a particularly snappy name, but it has a very definite focus. This is a gravel/adventure bike, with grippy 38mm wide tyres and built-in suspension from Specialized's lightweight but very effective FutureShock 2.0. There's even a dropper post fitted as standard, allowing you to get the saddle out of the way for technical descents, then with a flick of the bar-mounted remote switch return it to position when needed.

So, this is a fully-fledged adventure bike, complete with all the rack, mudguard and bottle mounts you'd expect, and the cleverly designed Hover bars which provide a more relaxed riding position on their raised top section, without compromising the position and control of the hoods and flared drops. It just happens to have a range-extending motor which can provide seamless, controllable assistance when wanted, to take your adventures still further.

There's up to 80 miles of range from the internal battery, with an additional 40 miles available via an optional range extender which sits in one of the bottle cages. The Specialized motor is incredibly light, and designed to give no resistance when not in use, then silently contribute to the 1x drivetrain when required. It even has a built-in power meter.

E-bikes are not like electric cars - there's no environmental imperative to adopt them, they are not set to replace 'conventional' bikes entirely. What they provide is a different riding experience, and a new range of potential. Our experts in-store are ready to help with any questions you have, drawing not just on their knowledge of e-bikes but their unrivalled expertise on all aspects of cycling, and of course, bike fit.

photos by Bence Bujaki


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