Trek Stache 9.7


We're not all about road bikes here at Bespoke, and to prove it, here's the very awesome Trek Stache.

We didn't get a chance to do a photo shoot of this build before it left us, so Brian kindly sent us a photo of the bike out getting ridden. We've supplemented it with a few of Trek's own studio shots.

The Stache is Trek's 29+ bike - that's 29in wheels with 3in wide tyres. The carbon-framed 9.7 model is the lightest 29+ hardtail in Trek's lineup, coming in a fraction under 13kg in tubeless form (so it might look like a beast, but it's remarkably light).

Why 29+? Well, the larger diameter wheels roll over just about anything with ease, and the 3in width means a huge air volume - which in turn allows lower tyre pressures. So grip is absolutely incredible, as is comfort, but it still goes exactly where you point it.

If you spend a lot of time on smooth, flat tracks then this isn't the bike for you. But if you want to get out into the middle of nowhere, safe in the knowledge that the bike can handle anything, these 'Plus' bikes are a great choice. They will happily shred a trail with the best of them, but are equally adept at long-distance exploration and bikepacking.

SRAM's Eagle 1x12 gruppo eliminates the need for a front derailleur, for added simplicity, reduced weight and less cabling. The 10-50 tooth cassette allows it to climb the steeper stuff with ease.

A 120mm travel Rockshox Pike RL at the front end provides additional cushioning for trail riding, and Bontrager's own highly-rated dropper post lets you easily get the saddle out of the way for descents.

In case you can't tell - we love this bike! At first glance it seems like a niche machine, but spend some time with it and it's versatility becomes apparent. Now get out there and explore!


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