Wilier 0 SLR Minimal


Wilier's lightweight 0 SLR is proving to be a big hit in our Bike Builder, and here we have another of our recent builds. Finished in stealthy matt black with minimalist gloss black logos, and with bars, fork, rear stays and wheels carrying a splash of Wilier Red.

That Wilier integrated monocoque carbon bar and stem make for an exceptionally neat front end; stiff, light and minimalist.

Wheels are from Wilier's own Italian-made carbon range, and despite a not-so-catchy name the NRD38 KC are an excellent all-rounder. With a 38mm rim depth they make a great year-round wheelset in a wide range of conditions, and are built for endurance.

Tan wall Vittoria Corsas bring a subtle touch of colour to the build without spoiling the understated effect, and of course provide their usual superb grip in all conditions, with their graphene-enhanced compound (and now in this latest 2.0 version they're also more durable).

photos by Bobby Whittaker

Build your own custom 0 SLR and choose from Wilier's standard colour options in our interactive online Bike Builder - or get in touch to discuss custom paint options, and their range of custom and off-the-peg builds.


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