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Early winter bibtights from Assos.

After powering through my youth with an attitude of "knee neglect" I'm a late convert to the benefits of a well-protected knee! They're out there, exposed and with very little insulation, in all weathers, and there are both health and performance benefits to looking after them, not to mention the comfort factor.

A good mid-weight set of bibtights is essential, and in our northern European climates they're usable for a surprisingly long portion of the year.

This is where the habuTights come into their own. Ideal for the end of autumn and the beginning of spring, they'll also happily take you through a good chunk of the winter.

Warm enough to keep you comfy, light and breathable enough not to overheat even during serious exertion.

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An extra layer of protective fabric between the crotch and abdomen regions provides valuable extra protection from wind chill in the bladder area, helping to minimise the need for those cold-weather comfort breaks.

Reflective strips on the ankles mean extra visibility on those darker winter mornings and evenings, and the high-tech fabric has removed the need for awkward foot straps - these stay reliably in place by themselves.

A level of water resistance has been added - they're not intended to be waterproof, but to give some protection from the inevitable road spray and light showers. And of course the all-important knee area has a double layer of fabric on the front, for additional protection.

We'll let Assos talk you through the construction in more detail:

Using many of features found in both the T.tiburuShorts_S7 and TK.tiburuKnicker, we have worked hard to make sure that we use the perfect materials in key places.

RX MEDIUM FABRIC WITH WR TREATMENT - For added insulation we have used RX Medium throughout the majority of these tights. The WR treatment is added to help shed water from road spray and light showers, but doesn't make the tights waterproof (no membrane).

ANATOMICALLY CUT - To make sure that they fit perfectly, we have redesigned the rear knee portion of the tight. Tapered, with multiple panels and made from our RX Light fabric, this new, more elastic and breathable area makes the legs noticeably more comfortable.

LOOP FREE ANKLE - Deciding to do away with all of the loops on our tights is something new for W15. Why? We find they are more comfortable. To keep the legs firmly in place, we have put the same elastic used on our S7 short, which is comfortable enough that you will not notice it.

DOUBLE LAYER OF RX MEDIUM ON KNEE - your knee catches the wind and its chill when riding in cooler temperatures. To get the best thermal protection in this area we have added a second layer of our RX Medium fabric.

INTEGRATED PAD PROTECTION (IPP) - is a patent-pending technology we have used at the front of the short. Instead of sewing the insert directly to the fabric, it continues to the panel end. This provides an extended layer of protection without seams in the front area - another step towards total comfort!

BLASENSCHUTZ - A feature first used on our s5 winter tights in 2010, this has been proven to keep you more comfortable while riding in cooler weather. By inserting a panel of our Stratagon windblock fabric between the crotch and abdomen panel of the short, we have protected this cold-sensitive area from wind chill, reducing the need to urinate on those cooler rides.

BACK POCKET - To give you ultimate flexibility in what you wear with these tights, we have included a small pocket on the back bib of these tights so you have somewhere to put your essentials. A new idea for W15, we feel it gives you more flexibility for the Early Winter climaRange.

REFLECTORS - Early winter means darker days. To make sure that you are seen while out riding we have included two large reflective strips on these tights.

Size Guide:

Assos clothing is cut anatomically to fit perfectly without restricting movement when in the riding position. Bibs might pull when standing upright - this is normal.

Assos tend to be a particularly slim fit - most people find they need to go up a size from their equivalent in other brands.

Waist size XS S M L XL XLG TIR
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