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Whether you're upgrading the wheels on your existing bike, or putting together a new custom build, ENVE are always a popular upgrade choice. Their SES series offer superb performance, at a price.

The new Foundation Collection brings the best of ENVE technology to a new, more accessible price point, trickling down much of the tech from the SES range.

Built with these 65mm deep rims, they're aero optimised, and a great choice for any aero road or TT/Triathlon machine.

The Foundation wheelsets are all disc-brake specific (for centre-lock rotors), optimised for 25-28mm wide tyres and designed for tubeless tyres. We're also pleased to see ENVE's trademark moulded spoke holes, which shape the carbon fibres around the hole to avoid drilling, for a stronger, more durable wheel.

They also feature ENVE's Wide Hookless Bead technology, as pioneered in their off-road M Series wheelsets. For road riding this helps spread any impact from pot holes, curbs and debris over a wider area, reducing the likelihood of pinch flats. It also means you can run your tyres at a lower pressure, reducing rolling resistance and improving comfort.

Their weights are remarkably close to those of the SES series, and the carbon rims are still handmade by ENVE at their Ogden, Utah headquarters. They also carry a 5 year factory warranty along with ENVE's lifetime "incident protection".

There are new hubs, too... The Foundation Collection features new ENVE alloy road hubs, with Instant Drive 360 technology and a 40t ratchet. They use premium full contact sealed NTN steel bearings for smooth rolling and durability.

They're not quite as aero as their dearer SES counterparts, and use the same rim profiles front and rear, rather than tailoring the shapes to their individual positions. They also use slightly stiffer, heavier Sapim CX Sprint bladed spokes (as opposed to the ultimate CX-Rays on the SES). But these are minor sacrifices to achieve a significantly lower price point, and with ENVE's carbon expertise they're a major step up from the 'stock' wheels found on most bikes below pro-level.

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Like all ENVE rims, the Foundation Collection are handmade and assembled in their Ogden, Utah based, state-of-the-art carbon wheel manufacturing facility. The ENVE 65 is covered under ENVE's Lifetime Incident Protection program and 5 Year Factory Warranty.

  • Built with Sapim CX Sprint spokes
  • Optimised for use with tubeless tyres greater than 25mm wide
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Application: Road Race, Triathlon, Time-Trial
  • Internal Rim Width: 21mm
  • Wheelset Weight: 1641g
  • Real World Foundation Aero Technology
  • Wide Hookless Bead provides pothole protection
  • Tubeless Optimised for fast rolling and fewer flats
  • Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty


Rim Weight: Front 510g / Rear 510g / Pair 1020g
Total Wheel Weights: Front 770g / Rear 871g / Pair 1641g


  • Rim Depth: 65mm / 65mm
  • Internal Width: 21mm / 21mm
  • External Width: 28mm / 28mm
  • Hole Count: 24 / 24
  • Effective Rim Diameter: 528 / 528
  • Aero Optimized Tyre Size: 25c-28c / 25c-28c

What's Included:

  • Tubeless Kit:

- 2x valve stems
- 1x roll of tape (good for taping 3 wheels)
- 2x Pressure Relief Valve Stem Nuts

  • Wheel Manual
  • Wheelbuild Card

Tyre Compatibility:

The hookless bead provides excellent pinch flat protection against potholes - but it does also mean that some tyres aren't compatible with the Foundation Series rims.

Check here on ENVE's site for the latest details on which tyres are compatible and which to avoid - or of course we can advise on the best options for your riding style and conditions, just get in touch.

New ENVE Alloy hubs:

Utilizing ENVE's core hub technologies the Foundation Road Hub delivers a high performance, maintenance-free ride experience.

  • Flange spacing and hub shell geometry designed to maximize performance metrics such as wheel and drive stiffness
  • ID360 40t drive mechanism delivers efficient and responsive power transmission
  • Maintenance-free premium full contact sealed NTN steel bearings
  • Perfect Preload ™

Like our SES wheel family, the Foundation Collection and its ENVE 65 were tested and developed at the Mercedes Benz Formula One wind-tunnel to deliver best-in-class real world aero performance. Unlike other wheel brands who only test isolated wheels at elite speeds of 30mph/48kph, ENVE develops and tests wheels in-frame at multiple speeds ranging from 20mph/32kph to 30mph/48kph. This testing, while more time consuming and expensive, ensures that the ENVE 65 delivers performance advantages to riders of all abilities.

Tech Note

ENVE's patented "moulded spoke holes" are one of our favourite tech features, and we're glad to see them carried across to the Foundation range.

Rather than drilling through the carbon weave to create the spoke holes the fibres are routed around the aperture. Carbon is at its strongest when uncut and in tension, so this is a valuable way to retain strength in a lighweight rim.