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The Defend jersey is designed for maximum versatility in changeable winter conditions. Wear it for those cold early morning starts and it'll remain effective and comfortable as the day goes on and (hopefully) warms up.

The waterproof full-length zip provides great adjustability whilst retaining protection from the elements, and the underarms and back pocket are vented too.

A wind/water-resistant membrane, updated for 2019, provides added protection but keeps things nicely breathable. A highly versatile winter all-rounder.

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Colour: Black

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The Bespoke View

Bespoke founder Barry has been testing the Defend jersey:

Scandi's do bad weather well. There was a common consensus at this year's World Championships in Yorkshire that it was no surprise when a Dane won - he simply outlasted everyone else.

So I was very excited to try some of the new 2019 Autumn/Winter Pas Normal range when the weather turned; these guys get weather even worse than we do here in the UK.

I am a big fan of bright clothes in inclement conditions; I know we all use lights as well these days, but anything extra helps when it comes to visibility on the road. I also find bright clothes improve my mood in the mist and rain!

PNS call this "bright red"; which is weird because it's more orangey than anything.

I find writing clothes reviews very hard. It's quite binary; you choose a clothing brand because you like what they represent and how they make you feel, and these days there's a wealth of choice when it comes to high performance gear.

In my experience the guys who like PNS really like the brand. Whilst some people think it's overpriced and don't see the hype. The beauty of opinions...

The Defend is their jersey for inclement weather; much like Castelli's Gabba which created the genre of "waterproof/breathable jacket/jersey hybrid".

I have had a few Gabbas and loved them. The Defend is just as appealing. Is it better than a Gabba? That's very hard to say, but the fit is great for me, I like the colour and I like the brand. So more times than not I will put a Defend jersey on when the weather is gloomy.

It breathes quite well; anything at tempo and it's fine. One night i was doing Vo2 intervals in it (purely in the interests of the review obviously...) and I found it's limits; coming home I had a wet baselayer. But that's not a massive surprise, any jersey is going to struggle there, and for 99% of my riding its perfect.

The question of Long Sleeve vs Short Sleeve is a tough one. If the weather is really bad and I know I am not riding fast I will often go long sleeved.

But if the weather is changeable, or if my route will have some decent climbs in it, I prefer to go short sleeved and run arm warmers. I personally find that I much prefer to be cold than too hot; I hate being on a bike and not being able to take layers off.

For arm warmers I am using the latest PNS Control ones. I really like them; it's not that hard to do a good arm warmer but it's surprising how many times brands miss the mark. These are perfect; warm, nice cut and with a good solid gripper.

PNS Say:

Crafted from the same technically outstanding fabrics as its long sleeve counterpart, the Defend Short Sleeve Jersey is one of the most versatile additions to this season's Control collection.

Continuously setting the standard for on-the-bike protection from inclement weather, the Defend collection keeps you sheltered from wind, snow, and everything in-between. Eliminating the need for bulky fabrics through the implementation of our technical outer-membrane, this anatomically fitted jersey does not restrict movement on the bike.

Featuring an improved polyester membrane, as well as bonded shoulders and taped seams around the neck and arms, the jersey ensures outstanding rain and windproof qualities, yet still remaining highly breathable. Ventilated underarms and back pockets allow excess moisture to escape, while the collar's soft fleece lining prevents the possibility of any skin irritation.


  • Italian made highly wind and water-repellent stretchable fabric
  • YKK Vislon waterproof zipper
  • Vented underarms and back pockets
  • Improved polyester membrane with high breathability
  • Reflective Pas Normal Studios logo on the back panel

PNS Men's Size Guide:

PNS products are designed to be a particularly snug "race" fit.

We strongly recommend going up a size from your regular choice of sizing in other brands.

All measurements are in Centimetres.

12 Chest Width 38 40 42 44 46 48
Front (Zip) Length 45 45 47.5 50 52.5 52.5
Back Length (Middle) 53 53.5 56 59 62 62.5