Q36.5 Jersey Long Sleeve WoolF

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Lightweight, active insulation; the perfect middle layer for mid season conditions. A long sleeve jersey weighing in at a mere 195g.

Made in Italy

Materials: 44% polyamide / 28% wool / 28% elastane

Weight: 195 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee: Above 12°C


  • Snug fit
  • Stretch cuffs
  • High collar
  • Reflective visibility inserts
  • Invisible proprietary pocket system
  • Reflective 3mm zipper
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Q36.5 say:

Our Essential design, devised for active training in autumn and spring conditions and temperatures ranging between 10°C to 16°C.

A snug construction, soft to the touch, creates a new tactile sensory experience on your body: it is well fitted yet works without constriction and maintains a high level of mobility that follows your movements like a 'second skin'.

The jersey is made solely of our UF Active fabric, a newly developed woven fabric that combines super fine threads of polyamide and merino wool. It offers an active thermoregulation that supports thermal comfort even when there are wide variations of intensity during a ride.

The clever allocation of the thread creates a double layered fabric: a dense polyamide external structure and an internal 'sponge' merino layer that absorbs humidity and works as a heat retainer, allowing for stable temperatures even when damp and in wet conditions thanks to the durable water repellent finishing. This is the ideal weapon to use to stay warm without adding extra weight.

Hermetic collar system

A second collar found on the internal side of the first collar. This second collar is a soft and elastic fleece cut to easily rest directly against the neck much like the elasticated tape used underneath a barber's cape.

This second internal collar hermetically seals the body from cold air which can often enter from the rear part of the neck during activity, offering superior protection to that provided by the traditional single collar found on other cycling jackets.

Water repellence

Q36.5's specially designed material has also undergone a treatment before being woven (as opposed to a surface 'finish' to the fabric). This allows the threads to maintain their natural characteristics for water resistance and fast drying times.

They mix natural Merino wool threads with an elastane filament to give superb insulation with light weight and excellent wicking of moisture. The thread is then wrapped in a polyestermide outer, giving it an extra layer of protection to ensure durability and without compromising on the stretch which allows for a snug race fit.

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