Silca EOLO 111 Regulator - EOLO 111 Regulator presta

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SILCA developed the very first regulated CO2 inflator, the EOLO, way back in 1982. This innovation really drove the adoption of cannisters for inflation - for the first time you could regulate the flow of air rather than simply twisting the cartridge open and hoping for the best.

Other manufacturers were quick to adopt this idea, to the point where it is now almost universal. The EOLO III raises the game yet again - this is the smallest spool valve regulator on the market.

Constructed entirely from metal, with no plastic parts, the EOLO III is precision manufactured from 6063 series aluminium and stainless steel.

The compact size means it takes up a minimum of space and the spool valve has a superbly light action.

3 insulating rings on the body improve grip and provide insulation, as well as paying tribute to SILCA's Italian heritage.

The tool steel puncture pin is more than double the hardness of conventional pins to ensure long life and smooth operation.

  • Threads onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure no-leak interface
  • Lightest spring action of any spring-valve regulator
  • 'Camera-lens' style valve head allows for easy installation even in disc wheels

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