SILCA Premio Tyre Levers

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SILCA have reimagined the tyre lever for the era of carbon rims. Rather than using a metal core (which puts the strongest part of the lever at the least efficient point for stiffness and strength) they've used a layered design.

The layer which contacts the rim is nylon, so as not to damage carbon rims. This is then backed with a sturdy but lightweight forged aluminium layer, which provides the necessary strength to cope with tight-fitting modern tyres but keeps the harder surface safely out of reach of the rim.

Thanks to that metal blade the Premio levers are 25-30% narrower than competing designs, making them ideal for very tight tyres and for tubeless seups where access to the tyre bead is very restricted.

The buzz around these is incredible, we've had great reports of their efficiency and ease of use - check out David's preview on the blog:

  • Forged Alloy blade
  • Reinforced Nylon Rim Shield
  • Safe for Use on Carbon Rims
  • Integrated spoke-hook wing
  • 105mm x 25mm x 7mm (ideal for SILCA's Seat Roll Premio or EOLO Wallet)
  • Net weight (Two levers and neoprene sleeve) = 36g

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