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Specialized's S-Works 7 Road shoes have proven to be a best seller, with a winning combination of comfort and high performance. They're fantastic all-rounders, with a super-stiff carbon sole unit and Specialized's famed attention to fit.

But in the hotter weather a cyclist's feet can easily overheat, and for a summertime shoe there's no such thing as too much ventilation.

That's where the new Vent comes in. As the name implies it takes the overall design philosophy of the S-Works 7 Road shoes and adds in a whole lot of extra ventilation, via a mesh upper, front "mouthport" and vented sole.

The Vent uses the same 66-gram FACT Powerline carbon outsole as found in Specialized's EXOS superlight shoes, which with the added vents results in a seriously lightweight shoe at just 233g (per shoe, size 42).

There are the same beautifully machined alloy BOA S3-Snap adjusters that feature on the 'regular' S-Works shoes, easy to adjust on the fly, with micro adjustments to ensure the perfect fit (even as your feet swell on a hot day).

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Specialized say:

The key to more comfort, less injuries, and higher power output comes from our ergonomically designed, scientifically tested Body Geometry Features-Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and personalized insoles with a Metatarsal Button. When used in harmony, these three features align the hip, foot, and knee, while also limiting medial/lateral knee movement and maintaining good circulation down to your toes.

The Vented Mouthport toe box pulls air in through the front of the shoe and channels it around your feet, while the entire-new, engineered mesh upper and tongue let that air flow freely throughout the shoe-aiding in both cooling and sweat evaporation. Along with the engineered mesh in the upper, we added a layer of Dyneema® Mesh to keep strong-hold of your foot, ensuring pro-proven power transfer.

We have utilized the same 66-gram FACT Powerline™ carbon outsole found in our EXOS line. With its mesh-covered ventilation holes, the sole furthers the shoe's cooling properties, all while dropping weight to 230 grams (1/2 pair, Size 42).

For power transfer, our PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel to ensure optimal power transfer. In fact, it's been scientifically-proven to improve acceleration. Pair that with two independent, alloy BOA® S3-Snap dials backed by the BOA® Lifetime Guarantee, and you can fine-tune your level of foot-hold on-the-fly.

Key features:

  • Ventilated to keep your feet cool and comfortable in hotter conditions.
  • Titanium alloy cleat nuts can rotate to position pedal/cleats 5mm rearward.
  • Non-slip, replaceable heel tread with internally recessed screws for security.
  • Three-bolt cleat pattern fits all major road pedals.
  • Approximate weight: 230g (1/2 pair, Size 42)

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