Autumn is here

As the seasons change we, as cyclists, are perhaps more acutely aware of this than those who spend less time outdoors, out amongst the wind and fog, the swirling leaves. The approach of colder weather is just another challenge, something different rather than something to be feared.

We asked some of our friends what their favourite things are about riding in autumn.

"I love that feeling of riding the wave of your summer fitness into those rides where there's no reason to go hard except that it simply feels good to dial it up. It's a sort of forced taper so everything feels easy. That thought that "I was born to do this" pops back in your head and inside you know "next year is going to be my year"

I love the feeling of the cool wind on your face while you're slightly overdressed and nice and warm on the inside. It's the opposite of those spring rides when you underdressed and pull of the leg warmers a bit early to start working on your tan.

Falling leaves on the country lanes are magical." - Steven Smith, brand manager at Castelli, based in Italy.

"The slight chill in the Air, the early morning sun and the potential to ride in clear conditions without unbearable heat, plus the opportunity to quickly get out to the countryside and see the changing season with a group of friends. It blows off the cobwebs and sets up your day at a time of year when you can get lethargic, definitely worth riding with others!" - Dave, Poplar Peddlers

"One of my favourite times of the year to ride is just before the clocks change. The daylight takes on a different hue after sunrise and just before sunset. Riding in this light gives the landscape an entirely different glow." - Chris Garrison, Trek

"My favourite thing about riding in Autumn is getting ridiculously muddy and wet on my mountain bike, it makes me feel like a kid again when I'm so covered in dirt that I might as well just roll around on the floor!" - Juliet Elliott, Bikes'n'stuff, ASSOS amabassador

"Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the wet !

Rain = Mud = CX Time !" - Richard Pearce, chpt.///

"I love how a change in the season means a change in the landscape. The colours of the leaves on the trees start to change and even the routes I am used to riding begin to look completely different. I can also start playing around with different layering combinations from the ASSOS Layering System and love it when I get it just right! The season's over, pressure's off, it's all about enjoying my time on the bike before hitting it hard during the winter." - Philipp, ASSOS. Come and meet Philipp at our ASSOS night.

"Wet woodland smell, for sure! : )" - Gemma, Bespoke Gresham Street

"Fresh, frosty, early morning ride through the Sussex lanes with the leaves turning gold, on the right bike and wrapped up in the right gear, ending up at a country pub with friends and an open fire!" - Dom Mason, Mason Cycles (coming soon to Bespoke). Photo above and below by Jonty Tacon.

We'd love to hear your favourite things about riding as the season's change and we'd love to see photos from where you ride. Get in touch here and we'll feature them in the next post.