Autumn - part 2

Here's part two of our blog where we asked friends and staff what they like about riding in Autumn. Enjoy!

"My favourite things about Autumn are the upcoming cross race season and long cross rides in the Trossachs. The colours around there at this time of year are just amazing!" - Russ Stout, Transcontinental racer and part of Shand Cycles. Made in Scotland, available at Bespoke.

"Riding in the autumn is great because it's nice to get off the road bike and onto the gravel/cx/adventure/ (insert appropriate marketing) bike and explore the rougher roads." - Harry, Bespoke Cycling

"A couple of pictures from the autumnal Alps at the weekend. Some great riding to be had at this time of year.

Thanks to Alpine Cols for taking the pictures" - Andrew Payton, Bespoke client

"A season of changing colours and lengthening shadows, Autumn on the bike is a time to be savoured. A time to reflect on the year's achievements to date, and turn your focus to next year's goals." - Graeme Langhorne, 1330 Road Cycling (Photo credit: Tom James Powell)

"I like the colours.
I like the crisp mornings.

I like reminiscing about the season passed and making plans for the next.

I like being cold for the first 5 minutes of a ride then fine once operating temperature has been reached. On days like that I feel like an old diesel Volkswagen Jetta. True story.

I don't like Cafe stops (for the above reason) but they happen anyway.
I like how rides with mates go from being training rides to being mostly about adventuring and general shenanigans.

I like the option of riding track indoors.

I like riding from dawn till dusk, that's more a winter thing though..."
- Nigel, Bespoke Cycling fitter, racer, Belgophile.

"This is what fall riding in New England is all about: 40c semi-slicks and not a care in the world...ironically this trail is in a place called Chebacco Woods." - Tom Rodi, Parlee

"The changes. The winter bike is back, the jackets and overshoes have returned. The rides are steady and free from interval-dread. The on-bike contemplation moves from the narrow focus of the next race or event, to a broader musing over what next year might comprise of." - Mike Edwards, bike coach, racer & musician - Bibo Bike Coaching

"Seeing the tan lines fade from the last riding trip of the year... You can settle into riding quiet roads again and think about where you'll ride next year. Plus it is a good excuse to buy new gear..." - Andrew, Bespoke Cycling

Please send in your own riding photos and stories, we'd love to share them.