Chpt./// New Colours

We now have the full colour range from David Millar's Chpt./// clothing line. Taking sartorial cues from the world of men's tailoring, the colour palette for the first range reflects popular hues you might see on Saville Row. A trip to last year's Frieze art fair helped confirm their choices.

The jersey is extremely light, using a fabric unavailable to the pro peloton due to its unsuitability for the sublimation printing process. The silhouette has been tailored in collaboration with Timothy Everest to give a sharp yet fitted look that enhances the stylish appearance. There are two large internal pockets at the rear of the jersey for storing arm and leg warmers out of the way.

Rather than going for the familiar "matchy matchy" look, each piece in the range can be worn with any of the others, the colours effortlessly complementing each other. The shorts are now available in a green that matches the Rocker jacket as well as in the dark blue.

Come in store to see the full range.