Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyre - First Look

This week Continental has launched the Grand Prix 5000 which is claimed to be faster, grippier, lighter, more puncture resistant and more comfortable and, for the very first time, it's available in a tubeless version.

The new GP5000, to shorten its name, replaces the popular GP4000 S II by building on existing technologies and adding a few new features. And it's now offered in a tubeless version which will please many people who have been wondering when the German company would add a tubeless option.

It's still made in Germany and uses an evolved version of the Black Chili compound and Vectran Breaker, but now adds an Active Comfort Technology to help the tyre soak up vibrations and Lazer Grip to enhance cornering grip.

The tubeless version adds an inner liner for the necessary airtight chamber and has a softer material on the bead to ensure installation is as easy as possible. It doesn't provide a list of compatible rims, only telling us that it has tested the new tyre with as many brand rims to ensure there should be no fitting issues.

Compared to the GP4000, Continental is telling us the GP5000 clincher tyre provides 12% lower rolling resistance, 20% greater puncture protection, has more grip, is lighter and is more comfortable.

The GP5000 tubeless version, due to the fewer materials involved, is a claimed 5% superior both in rolling resistance and puncture protection compared to the clincher GP5000. It is heavier - 300g for a 25mm version - but it's one of the few tubeless tyres with a puncture resistant layer as the Vectran Breaker is integrated into the tubeless tyre.

The GP5000 clincher tyre is constructed from 3 ply 330 TPI material and comes in 23, 25, 28 and 32mm width options, plus two 650 options for smaller bikes. The 23mm version weighs 200g.

The GP5000 tubeless comes in 25, 28 and 32mm with the 25 weighing 300g.

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