Gear up for Spring with new clothing from 7Mesh, Q36.5, PNS and more

Spring, it's my favourite season for cycling. Finally, the long winter is behind us, no more wrapping up in thick winter clothing or sitting on the indoor trainer, and with the temperature increasing it's time for lightweight jerseys and bib shorts.

If you're looking for inspiration for some new clothing this spring, I've pulled together some of my highlights from the new season clothing from the likes of 7Mesh, Louison Bobet, Q36.5 and PNS. All of the clothing listed here is available in the Bespoke Cycle online shop, where there is loads more clothing on offer so be sure to have a browse around the virtual showroom.

While spring is generally about bib shorts and jerseys and clothing designed for warm weather, to keep you cool and dry, this season can throw up a few challenges that can make preparing for a ride quite tricky. It's possible to get all the seasons in one day, so clothing that is versatile and allows you to be adaptable is the key here.

It's also, in the UK at least, not quite warm enough to go without a gilet, arm and knee warmers and even a wind jacket a lot of the time. And with occasional spring showers a real possibility, a rain jacket can be extremely useful.

Layering is a really good approach - you want to be able to easily add or remove layers as the weather fluctuates, helping to keep you at the perfect temperature and avoid overheating. Lightweight clothing can easily be rolled up and stashed in the jersey pocket when not needed and is there at the ready in case the weather turns.

Truly waterproof. Lighter than an energy bar. Packs smaller than a mobile phone.

Probably the most versatile and important bit of clothing I have. Packs so small that I take it everywhere with me - doubles as a windbreaker as well as a rain jacket.

Coming off a mountain when its really cold at the top its perfect for descending with - and when not in use you hardly know its in your pocket. I find a gilet a lot bulkier, so much prefer this. Not cheap; but the best rarely is - Barry