Moots factory tour

The good people at Bike Radar magazine recently took a trip over to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to visit our pals MOOTS .

Moots do titanium like no one else. Their insistence on the very highest quality material, their precision engineering and attention to detail all insure that Moots make the world's highest quality titanium frames, fit for a lifetime of good times.

Great to see such dedicated small producers doing well in an age of corporations. Come and see us in store about the Moots range, and feast your eyes on these recent builds:

This Moots Routt 45 will see Richard tackle the classic Land's End to John o'Groats in serious comfort, with large tyre clearance for off the beaten track.

It takes a long time to become a welder for Moots. Every joint is welded twice. Every weld has to be perfect to get the Moots seal of approval.

Omar's Moots Vamoots DR is serious, with its Di2, hydraulic brakes and Zipp 202 wheels.

The Moots Vamoot RSL is incredibly lightweight and race ready. Ti at its finest and fastest.