This month Moots have introduced a couple of new anodised finish options to their range; Facet and Dots.

Moots know a thing or two about titanium, they're masters of the frambuilding art, and that's carried through into their design and colour choices. Facet in particular is a simply stunning design that brings out the best in a Ti frame without overpowering its natural subtle beauty.

Available either on new builds, or as part of their refinishing programme - if you're tempted by these latest designs get in touch to discuss adding them to your own new or existing Moots build.


Inspired by the likes of artists Paul Klee and Bridget Riley - as well as videogame design techniques - this pattern is rendered with bead-blasted anodizing. The colours are easy on the eyes, the branding is tasteful, and this has quickly become a factory favourite.

This might well be my new favourite, absolutely stunning and the perfect colours to complement the Ti frame. Minimal branding, but unmistakably Moots, with angles and patterns carried out in soft tones and unique colour combinations.


Our version of classic polka dots, for those seeking low-key eye candy. A mix of brushing, anodising and bead-blasted anodising; the colour palette will always be the same, but each frame's final arrangement is slightly unique.

A subtle, minimalist design that leaves much of that beautiful raw Ti finish exposed. Moots branding is kept to the head badge and the rest is a series of anodized DOTS over the frame stem and post.