New Body Osteopathy - Introducing our New Dietitian and Nutrition Services

Introducing Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Robbie Green RD, MSc, BSc.

Robbie specialises in dietary education for multiple nutritional aspects of disease, weight management and sports nutrition.

As a former chef, Robbie's knowledge of food and cooking alongside his expertise as a Dietitian enable a unique level of service to his clients, which help them to achieve their goals through enjoyable personalised diet plans and evidence-based nutrition advice.

A dietitian is the only nutrition professional that is regulated by law and governed by an ethical code of conduct. This ensures that Robbie always works safely and to the highest standard.

See our comprehensive new range of services below, and book online:

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consultation

60min - £150

First appointment in which full assessment will be undertaken. Clients will receive tailored advice, resources and a final report to support them in achieving their goals.

Follow Up Appointments

40min - £75

Follow up appointments are for clients who have already attended an initial consultation and are looking to review their progress or seek further support from our Dietitian.

Nutrition Consultation & 7-Day Meal Plan

60min - £250

1 x 60 min consultation + 7-day meal plan tailored around your nutritional requirements, lifestyle and goals.

This is suitable for clients looking for a straight forward level of support to improve their diet. This plan allows our Dietitian to assess your nutritional requirements, food preferences, lifestyle and design a personalised 7-day meal plan to help guide you in improving your diet.

Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Programme

Includes 1 x 60 min consultation and 3 x 40 min follow up appointments - £350

Offering a full nutritional analysis, resources and regular email support between sessions. Motivational interviewing and long-term behaviour change approach to build a healthier relationship with food.

Sports Nutrition Package

1 x 60 min consultation, 7-day meal plan & follow-up - £300

Offering a full nutritional analysis and tailored meal plan devised around your training regime and lifestyle. A follow-up appointment will allow our Dietitian to monitor how your body composition and performance has responded to the plan and make appropriate adjustments to further optimise you're your performance.