Pas Normal Studios at Bespoke Cycling

Pas Normal Studios is a new brand of contemporary, technical cycling clothing. Founded in 2014 by Karl Oskar Olsen, Peter Madsen, Tommy Pedersen and Brian Nygaard, the company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We're proud to bring this exciting new brand to you here at Bespoke.

The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect apparel, combined with visionary aesthetics.

Through innovative designs, brand collaborations and sourcing of new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to bring out collections that define modern cycling in a different context.

The brand honors the great traditions of cycling, but is above all committed to the patterns and colors that define state of the art fashion today.

Uncompromising attention to detail and hand-made, sustainable quality is paired with an inspired take on today's look and feel.

Pas Normal Studios produces high-end clothing with textiles and methods at the same level as demanded by professional riders - but at the same time, all styles created for long-term usage and durability.

Based in Scandinavia, but with a specific international element, Pas Normal Studios can now be found in London at Bespoke St. James's, no. 59 Jermyn Street exclusively.