Pas Normal Studios Ridden & Reviewed

Our fitter Dan has been gearing up for a big year of racing, so who better to review some of the Pas Normal Studios kit?

"Luckily for me I took delivery of Pas Normal Studios winter bib-shorts and Winter Jersey a week before my three biggest training weeks of the year so far. Unluckily for me I live in England. So after 830 miles and 47 hours in inclement at best weather conditions, these are my thoughts;

The Defend bib shorts are classic Pas Normal - a snug, race-fit that means the pad is securely locked in place with no movement that could cause chaffing of rubbing. This is probably my favourite thing about the PNS kit; the size is on the small side but that really does benefit the overall fit. These particular shorts feature a waterproof and wind-resistant main material which offers a textured feel like good weather-proof jackets have.

Speaking of which, I've also tested the PNS Winter jersey. My go-to jacket is the Asoss Habu, and while the fit on the PNS jersey isn't quite as form fitting, I was surprised and pleased to discover it's more weather resistant. I discovered this after getting caught out on a Saturday night commute, which involved 90 minutes of cycling in driving rain and wind. Sometimes I really hate cycling…but this jersey made it bearable. It was not just 'keep the worst off' either, the water was beading on the jacket and didn't soak through, confirmed by when I got home and the inside of the jacket and my base layer was completely dry. Without a doubt a Gabba rival…"

The PNS Winter jersey is the kind of thing that we in the UK could be wearing through until May, for those early morning rides and if the weather looks iffy. Same goes for the Defend bibs. Dan's observations on the quality and performance though can be carried through to the entire range. The brand's dedication to making the best possible kit is born of their dedication to actually riding.

They ride hard, they design based on experience. The resulting product is exceptional.

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