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Welcoming Cérvelo to Bespoke Cycling

Founded in 1995 from an academic background in bike dynamics, Cérvelo was always going to be different.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Cérvelo have had the core focus of a scientific approach to their bike design from the very beginning. Extensive use of computational fluid dynamics has always been to the fore, and they have unfailingly carried out stringent wind tunnel testing at their facility in San Diego, USA.

What does this mean for you? It means fast. Cérvelo don't make slow bikes.

They concentrate only on speed. No hybrids, no kids bikes, no mtb. Just road, tri and track.

We're overjoyed to welcome Cérvelo to the Bespoke Cycling family. In some ways it feels like the missing piece of the puzzle is in place, and our portfolio of Pro level performance brands is complete.

A Pro level bike demands a perfect bike fit. Come and see us at Bespoke Cycling for your new Cérvelo.

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