The Specialized Power saddle family has grown with the addition of a new S-Works model featuring a 3D printed seat. It's an intriguing use of an exciting new technology, light in weight, but majoring on comfort. We first saw prototypes last year, and now they're officially available to buy - let's take a closer look:

The arrival and rapid development of 3D printing has created a profound change in manufacturing at both a large and a small scale.

For a growing army of home-based "makers" it opens up the possibilities of creating one-off or small volume products to their own design, which would it would be impractical to manufacture industrially at a commercial scale.

For major brands and manufacturers it has brought the ability to rapidly prototype and iterate new products, but also enables a new kind of manufacturing process. Strength, light weight and complexity - all three of these can now be combined thanks to the flexibility of the 3D printing process.

Yes, processes such as casting or CNC machining can get some of the way there, but 3D printing means that instead of picking a couple of the most important qualities you can quickly and relatively easily achieve all of them. The materials used are rarely new, but it's the way they can now be used that has permitted the biggest change.

From 3D printed titanium dropouts, giving the strength to handle disc braking forces whilst remaining super light, to custom-shaped helmets individually made to conform exactly to the rider's head, we're seeing many applications within the world of cycling.

Specialized are no strangers to innovation - heck, they even have their own Win(d) Tunnel for aero testing - and they've long championed correct fit and riding comfort through their Body Geometry programme. Plus via their Retül arm they have a vast database of rider fit data, so it's no surprise to see them taking full advantage of the latest tech.

The Power Saddle with Mirror technology ditches the foam usually found in modern saddles, but offers more comfort than a perch made from simple sheets of carbon fibre.

The dimpled, honeycombed surface of the saddle provides support and flexibility with previously impossible levels of fine tuning. There are 14,000 struts and 7,799 junctions within the matrix that forms the seat section, all capable of being individually tuned to the job required. This sits on top of a lightweight FACT carbon fibre shell and carbon rails.

As you'd expect from a Specialized saddle, there's a choice of widths - 143mm or 155mm (and of course we can help you find the perfect fit).

The oversized 7x9mm carbon rails continue the light and strong theme, and the stated weights are 190g for the 143mm wide and 194g for the 155mm wide saddles.

Coming in at £349 this is not a cheap saddle, but then early adopters won't be surprised by that. The tech is sure to trickle down the range as it becomes more established, but in the meantime if you want a unique looking saddle that mixes performance with superb comfort, this is a real conversation starter.

See the new S-Works Power with Mirror now in the Bespoke Bike Builder and configure your own dream build online, or contact us to order your saddle now.