Silca Seat Roll Grande Americano and Latex Inner Tubes added to 2018 product range

We really like Silca products here at Bespoke Cycling, the combination of a really sharp eye for design and supreme impressively functionality has impressed us, which is why we're proud to stock the products. It has just added a larger version of its innovative saddle pack and new lightweight latex inner tubes to its 2018 range.

Seat Roll Grand Americano

The Seat Roll saddle pack, which uses a Boa dial to attach to the saddle rails, is now available in a Grand Americano, basically a larger version that can store more stuff.

The new larger Seat Roll Grand Americano can store up to 700x50mm inner tube, ideal for mountain biking or gravel riding, or two 700x28mm inner tubes for those all-day epics when it's best to have two inner tubes, just to be on the safe side.

Silca has also revised the design, based on 10 months of development and feedback from a focus group, and the result is the Boa dial has moved towards the bottom of the roll to prevent it from slipping when attached to the underside of the saddle. The vertical security strap has also been moved towards the top of the roll to allow it to more easily expand for bigger loads.

Otherwise, the new pack is still made from the high-grade water-repellant 1000D nylon material with reflective stitching. There are still the same three internal pockets for organising your load.

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Silca latex inner tubes

Latex inner tubes are sometimes talked about in hushed tones but are a good way of reducing the overall weight of your wheelset and according to some claims they can lead to improved rolling resistance and puncture resistance. It's for these reasons that Silca has added latex inner tubes to its range for 2018.

To produce the new inner tubes, Silca has partnered with Vittoria to develop the highest quality latex inner tubes. Each inner tube weighs just 85g and are optimise for tyres measuring 24-30mm and come with a choice of three different valve lengths, with a native 42mm valve stem and two optional extenders, 40 and 70mm to suit deep section rims.

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