"It's only a pump" - well, yes and no...

I have always wanted one of these; but even I (who likes my toys) thought the price was excessive. But after 18 months the itch became too much and I bit the bullet (to mix my metaphors). And you know what - I should have done this ages ago…

As my wife will attest I am useless around the house at DIY. As the shop mechanics will confirm I am a liability in the workshop; whenever I offer to help them clean bikes etc when they're super busy they politely decline - knowing full well they will have to re-do my work anyway.

So I am certainly not a credible reviewer when it comes to precision equipment. But I am a middle aged man who likes his toys, and thus feel I know our audience well!

The vast price is partly justified by the 25 year warranty, the quality materials (real wood and Stainless steel) and the sheer heft of it. It's also very accurate - to 1% and the additional lower pressure gauge is accurate to 0.5 psi. As I have got more into bigger tyre and lower psi riding, tyre pressure is increasingly important.

I found that what I thought was 30psi was actually 26psi on the Silca; that's a big difference.
And on 25mm road tyres with modern wide rims I found I was 7psi out (80 vs 87). That has an effect on ride comfort, traction and rolling resistance. So the rational part of my brain can justify it in that sense.

But, being honest, the main thing I like about it is it's just a joy to use. The action feels smooth and it has very clever details like a magnetised head for easy storage.

The best thing is the Hiro 'chuck' - I have heard it described as a masterpiece in industrial design. And it is. Remember we are talking about a pump here... I love that Silca are making these tools objects of desire.

Having a quality tool means that you actually want to check your tyre pressure every ride; and that's a good thing, and will improve your riding and riding enjoyment.
And when you amortise that over 25 years it's very easy (applying man maths) to say it's a veritable bargain!

Have I got you tempted? Pick up your own SuperPista Ultimate Hiro in our online shop, at £410, with free UK delivery (well, every little helps, doesn't it?).