Further stock of the KICKR BIKE is arriving w/c 6th April.

We've already pre-sold most of this shipment, but we do have a few still available for purchase.

To reserve yours contact us now - they won't be around for long!

The KICKR BIKE has arrived in the UK. As a Wahoo Experience Centre we're amongst the first to receive stock of this eagerly awaited new trainer.

No compromises necessary, no excuses required

The Wahoo KICKR BIKE is coming to the UK, and as an official Wahoo Experience Centre we'll be the first to get stock.

This next generation indoor trainer is designed to get you as close as possible to a real ride experience, blurring the lines between virtual and reality.

A complete package, the KICKR BIKE can be adjusted millimetre perfect to achieve your perfect fit, and is a fully integrated solution that means you don't need to tie up an existing bike, or even wheelset, simply to train.

The compact footprint and comprehensive functionality mean that it is always ready to ride.

Built-in grade simulation provides realistic ascents and descents, manually adjustable from the hoods and of course fully integrated with your training/simulation app of choice.

The brake/shifters are programmable to replicate the functionality of Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo, with haptic feedback providing a realistic feel. It's not just the action of the levers/buttons though - you can exactly match the exact gear ratios (including the number of speeds and even tooth count) of specific cassettes, with an on-board digital display keeping you informed as to gear choice.

An integral ANT+/Bluetooth power meter gives accurate data, and naturally the KICKR BIKE integrates seamlessly into the Wahoo ecosystem, linking with accessories such as the Headwind.

Adjustability is key. There's no point in getting the virtual miles in if you're not accurately reflecting your correctly fitted position. Wahoo have got it covered, with a full range of precision adjustments, from stack and reach to saddle height and setback, standover height​ and even crank length.

With your Retul fit data it's easy to exactly replicate your ideal position. And of course the KICKR BIKE can easily be adjusted to suit more than one rider.

If you've previously had a bike fit with Bespoke we'll have your data on file, and if you haven't then get in touch and we can arrange a fit session to establish your precise requirements.

We can even deliver and install the KICKR BIKE in your home (including setting it up to match your existing fit data, syncing with Zwift, etc.) for £250, for customers within the M25 area.

With a footprint of 121 x 76 cm (48 x 30 in) there's never been an easier way to get an always-ready, fully-equipped training solution in your own home.

The crank length is adjustable between 165mm, 167.5mm, 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm, simply attach pedals from your own preferred pedal system to the integrated arms.

It's not just about size adjustments, though. You can choose to fit your own preferred saddle, bars and stem to achieve the perfect fit and maximum realism. Even bar tape can of course be matched to your road bike, for the ultimate match in riding experience!

As you'd expect from a brand with Wahoo's pedigree, ride feel is also a significant consideration. They're experts at providing a realistic riding experience, with gearing, damping and acceleration that accurately mirror real-world riding. The KICKR BIKE even brings simulated braking, cleverly linked to the integrated gradient simulator (giving +20, -15 grade changes) and brake levers.

As you'd expect the KICKR BIKE is ready to work with The Sufferfest, Zwift, Strava Summit, TrainerRoad, Fulgaz and Rouvy, bringing an added level of realism to your online training.

It's also extremely future-proof, with the Wahoo app allowing for further updates and additional functionality to keep pace with changes in groupsets, etc.

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