Wattopia Dreams: Zwift at Bespoke Canary Wharf

Last Thursday we hosted Zwift at Bespoke Canary Wharf for a night of racing as guests battled it out for the fastest virtual lap. Zwift is the revolutionary online training platform for cyclists, allowing you to ride with friends and training partners on 'Zwift Island', a fictional paradise for road cyclists wanting to get the most out of their indoor training.

With Matt Stephens of GCN and Eurosport on hand, the commentary was top notch as the beers, sweat and tears flowed in equal measure!

Competition was intense as riders from clubs near and far as well as individuals battled for the fastest time on the 9km rolling course.

Zwift set up Pinarellos on the Wahoo Kickrs in store, with each rider racing alongside each other online with all the data on the screens. The Kickr reacts to the landscape adding more resistance uphill for a very realistic ride feel.

Friends and neighbours from Canary Wharf enjoyed smashing each other to bits in a bid for victory.

The Wahoo Kickr is great, we really recommend them as a fantastic home raining solution.

Intense concentration was the order of the day, at least in the pursuit of victory.

A fan is a welcome relief when you're pushing yourself at threshold for 15 minutes...

We hope to have another night with Zwift soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to all who came down and congratulations to the victors.

Thanks to Zwift for the photos.