ISEN All Season Ti


To mark the addition of ISEN to our roster of world-class bike brands we're featuring a couple of their award-winning show bike builds, including this gorgeous titanium All Season, which was the star of the 2019 Chris King Open House.

It's a tribute to the fast-growing reputation and sheer quality of ISEN that this independent London framebuilder was chosen as one of the select few worldwide to showcase the Chris King limited edition Matte Bourbon components.

The All Season is designed for maximum versatility, from gravel/adventure speed to bikepacking and commuting. Available in steel, stainless steel or titanium, ISEN select the best tubing for each individual frame size, from 47 to 61cm, to achieve the perfect ride. Like all their frames it is handmade in their London workshops from start to finish, even the stunning paint is done in-house.

Every ISEN build is unique, and our bike fit specialists will ensure that it's tailored to fit you perfectly. Contact us to talk about options for your own build.

photos by Bobby Whittaker


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