Parlee Altum in black and silver


The Parlee Altum is Parlee's most popular model and a tru all-rounder. Thanks to it's vast array of sizing options, as well as it's geometry and carbon lay up, it delivers superb comfort with penalty to performance. With both custom and standard paint options available, it's easy to see why the Altum is perfect for so many Bespoke customers. It's also available in both caliper and disc brake options.

Ultegra was chosen for this build, another incredibly popular choice at Bespoke: performance, ease of use and value combined. Ultegra is a deluxe workhorse.

ENVE provide the full finishing kit, as well as the wheels, with Chris King keeping the black them rolling as well as the wheels - with that "angry bee" sound.

Discover more about Parlee at Bespoke Cycling, and we'll get you the perfect fitting Altum build. With our part exchange scheme it may be easier than you think...


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