Parlee Gloss Z Zero Disc


The Parlee Z Zero Disc is handmade at Parlee's small factory in Beverly, Mass., USA. Every part of the frame is made in house: the tubing, the dropouts, the lot. Every single Z Zero is made to order, based on the rider. They are also painted in house, entirely to your spec.

But it's not just about the looks. The Z Zero is just a supreme ride. The Disc version is thru axle, flat mount. The finishing kit is also Parlee, strong and light.

SRAM eTap is the groupset du jour round here right now, especially the hyrdaulic disc version. It's a joy to use, and clean and understated in design. ENVE 3.4 SES Disc wheels are another classic choice, here with Chris King hubs.

We've been working with Parlee now for over 10 years, so we know the brand inside and out. For your own custom Parlee project, come and see us at Bespoke.


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