Parlee Z Zero Disc


Every Parlee Z Zero is built to order, there is simply no such thing as a stock model.

The tubing is made in house at Parlee in the the U.S, and the tubing is then chosen to for each build based on the rider's weight, style of riding and preference. You can even go all out and get full custom geometry. Then of course there's paint. Or lack of. Same goes for logos.

The Parlee Z Zero gives you free reign to create your own dream bike, but the end result will always be the same in one important way: the ride. The Z Zero rides like nothing else, it's a true product of the framebuilder's art.

This Z Zero disc features some ghosted logos, and raw weave for the finish. Eschewing the paint altogether really lets you see the organic way that the frame is put together. You get a sense of the workmanship, of the frame being crafted by human hand.

We're seeing a lot of Z Zero builds with eTap. The 'thinking-out-of-the-box' approach, the innovation inherent in both brands goes well together.

ENVE finshing kit and ENVE 3.4 Disc wheels round up the performance masterclass.

We've over 10 years of experience working in partnership with Parlee, so come and see us at Bespoke Cycling for a perfectly fitted, expertly built Z Zero of your own.


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