Parlee Z Zero Disc Candy Fade


The Parlee Z Zero Disc, hand made to order in Beverly, Mass., USA is a work of art and pure craftsmanship. Every element of the Z Zero is hand made in house - the tubing, the cable stops, the dropouts. Every Z Zero is hand painted in house too. This example is finished in the ever popular Candy Coat. Coloured lacquer is sprayed onto the raw frame and allows you to see the workmanship below, but it really pops in the sunshine. With logo placement, or indeed lack of, entirely up to the buyer, the Z Zero is as unique as you want to make it. Going for a classic fade paint effect just makes this look incredible.

This one is built up with hydraulic brakes and Ultegra Di2 but using Rotor cranks for a slightly more unique build. Flat mount discs and thru axles come as standard.

Parlee carbon bars, stem and seatpost were chosen for the build and help give the ride closest to that intended by the Parlee design team.

ENVE 3.4 SES Disc wheels to Chris King hubs provide a fantastic all rounder that will run and run for years to come.

Another fantastic Parlee Z Zero Disc build here at Bespoke. If you'd like us to build you the perfect Z Zero, fitted and specced for you alone, come and see us or get in touch here.


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