Parlee Z Zero Disc for David


We've seen a lot of raw carbon variations of the Parlee Z Zero lately, and people love how the workmanship shows through. David opted for the Candy finish which adds a deep lacquer, tinted red in this case. This adds a further layer of intrigue. Caught in the sunshine the colour really pops, but in closer inspection you can still see all of the work beneath, like looking into clear water. Really stunning.

Parlee finsihing kit was chosen, and there's much to be said for taking the holistic approach. Parlee design their components with their own frames in mind, so they fine tune the ride quality even further.

SRAM eTap is incredibly popular this summer and we're really happy to see the hydraulic discs now in stock. A clean look and excellent performance.

ENVE 3.4s to DT Swiss hubs are another great all-round choice for a great spec for all kinds of riding, and they really round off this great looking build.

Come and see us about a Parlee of your own.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker for Bespoke Cycling

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