Parlee Z Zero Disc Splatter


Parlee are paint experts, they really are. Alex came up with this splatter fade effect idea for his Z Zero Disc custom build, and the paint guys really came up with the goods. They also happen to be total masters of custom carbon fibre...

There are so many mind blowing things on this build. Alex had the seat post integrated, which is a less common option that Parlee offer on custom builds. The tubing, all made in house by Parlee in their Beverley, Mass. HQ, is chosen specifically to each riders needs.

The THM Clavicula M3 cranks with SRM powermeter are just stunning, as is the inclusion of the Ceramic Speed Oversized Pulley Wheel System.

Ceramic Speed barings also appear in the DT Swiss hubs in the ENVE 3.4 Disc wheelset.

This really is just superlative in every way.

For your own custom built Parlee Z Zero Disc, come and see us at Bespoke Cycling, London.

Photographed by Bobby Whittaker for Bespoke Cycling, Jermyn Street.


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