Parlee Z Zero with Lightweight


The Parlee Z Zero Disc, hand made to order in Beverly, Mass., USA is testament to the craftsmanship of the artisans at Parlee. Every element of the Z Zero is hand made in house - the tubing, the cable stops, the dropouts. Every Z Zero is hand painted in house too. Not only will the Z Zero fit you perfectly, it will also look exactly how you want. Paint, logos (or lack thereof), all is up to you.

This build takes the familiar Candy coat blue and adds some metallic gold. This is then carried over with custom painted Parlee stem and bars for a truly individual look.

The paint may be eyecatching, but it doesn't hide the serious spec. Lightweight Meilenstein Disc wheels are a similarly hand crafted choice as the frame, with every set being hand made and representing the very pinnacle of the carbon wheel market. They marry incredibly light weight with serious stiffness and reactivity.

SRAM eTap provides the groupset, though the cranks are Rotor, which add a more unusual brand into the mix.

For your own perfectly fitted and beautifully specced Parlee Z Zero, come and see us at Bespoke Cycling, London.

Photos by Bobby Whittaker for Bespoke Cycling.

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