Forklift Bike - Nationwide bike delivery service

We've partnered with nationwide delivery service Forklift bike to offer an option for our clients to have a fully built new bike delivered to your home pre-set with your fit data.

As bikes have become more integrated with cabling and wiring now hidden inside most frames meaning assembly and adjustments has become trickier, we felt the need to offer a simpler, easy method of delivery for our customers across the UK.

This new service means no fiddly assembly required of your new bike, or trying to setup your fit data - the bike will arrive pre-built by one of our expert mechanics and your fit data will have been set up by our bike fitting team. You can jump on your new bike and get riding immediately!

Deliveries are typically completed Weds - Friday and you'll normally have your new bike within 7-10 days of final completion in the workshop.

There is a flat UK-wide rate of £120 inc VAT.

Any further questions about this service or if you'd like to take advantage of the delivery at any time throughout your new bike build, mention to one of the team or email the Gresham Street store at

Nationwide delivery now available for a flat £120 rate -