Mosaic specialise in working with titanium, and their handmade road, gravel/adventure and MTB frames are a work of art in themselves.

It's always tempting to leave a Ti frame in 'raw' unpainted finish, to show off the unique beauty of the material, and even more so when the welds and detailing are as impeccable as on a Mosaic.

But we all love to customise and personalise our bikes, and Mosaic have a particularly good eye for design, treating their frames as a canvas for some truly gorgeous paint.

Enter the Cockpit Series - perfectly blending a splash of colour on fork, stem and seatpost with the timeless classicism of the raw Ti frame.

Three designs are available; Stripes, Splatter and Paisley - and each can be realised in hundreds of different colour combinations, chosen from Mosaic's stock palette of 30 colours (and yes, you can even opt for a matching SILCA frame pump (and/or track pump) at additional cost).

Get in touch for more info on your own Mosaic, whether custom painted or off-the-peg.


The epitome of modern design clarity - stripes are proven to make any bike go faster* With hundreds of colour combos available, why not match them with Chris King anodised components for your perfect, unique build. At Bespoke we're specialists in creating the bike of your dreams.

*or so we hear!


Mosaic describe this one as "controlled chaos", and it brilliantly captures the freedom and fun that a bike can provide. Stretch your creativity with hundreds of different colour combinations, to create your own unique mix.


I never knew I wanted a Paisley seatpost... now I really want a Paisley seatpost! A classic Paisley print, in your choice of colours - go (relatively) subtle, or go bold. Available, like all the Cockpit Series, across the entire Mosaic range.