At Bespoke we've long been stockists, wearers and champions of Assos. The Swiss brand are responsible for some genuinely iconic garments, including the Bonka and Fugu jackets, and of course their fantastic range of bib shorts (most notably the Mille, which have to be a contender for the most comfy performance clothing ever).

For a while it seemed like this most venerable of clothing specialists might be getting left behind. Their commitment to quality never wavered, but as new competitors moved away from shiny, dayglo performance gear Assos initially appeared slow to respond.

They've never been afraid to innovate, and have always been happy to engineer their own, custom, fabrics if that's what is required, rather than simply re-using existing Goretex or similar hiking-focused materials.

What we've seen recently is an Assos rebirth, they've clearly rethought their aesthetics, and the new generation of Assos gear performs just as well, but with a more understated look. Still true to their Euro roots, but with a design more suited to contemporary UK tastes.

The result is a range that feels fresh and modern, so if you've not checked out Assos recently, they're well worth a look:

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