With a family of bicycles designed to suit every rider, Orbea offer a bike for every step of the ride, from full suspension Enduro mountain bikes to featherweight Grand Tour racing steeds. Bikes for sheer enjoyment, for unending miles through the forest, and for the pinnacle of performance.

We're proud to work with this great Basque brand, one of the oldest cycle manufacturers in the world. Since we began working with them, we've been impressed with their commitment to quality, and their fantastic spec at great prices throughout the range.

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Our shops are full of beautiful products chosen by passionate cyclists

Key Models:

Orbea Orca - There are plenty of great bikes that offer flexibility, a relaxed, neutral position and mellow handling. Orca is not one of them - Do you want to be fast?

Orbea Avant - Built for the longest days in the saddle, the Avant is the ultimate in endurance.