Colnago C60 Italia with Lightweight and Quarq


The Colnago C60 is a classic. It straddles the classic look of traditional geometry and the world of modern performance. Every C60 is hand made and then hand painted in Italy. The Italia features the tricolore and gloss "lugs" with raw carbon tubing.

It's not unusual to see a Colnago C60 with some astounding components. This build is no exception to the rule. Lightweight Meilenstien wheels are another example of hand made European carbon perfection. Incredibly light, equally stiff, and yet giving a comfortable ride, there's simpy nothing like Lightweight.

The Dura Ace groupset is supplemented with a Quarq powermeter, collecting all the data you could need.

The cockpit is ENVE, light and durable, and subtle enough to not detract from the rest of the build.

To find out more about Colnago or Lightweight wheels, get in touch. We'll get you the perfect bike fit and the perfect Colnago C60 at Bespoke Cycling, London.


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