Parlee Z Zero Disc with reflective logos


Parlee hand make every element of the Z Zero in house: the tubing, the dropouts, cable stops, everything. Every Z Zero is made to order, tubing is chosen based on rider interview and reflects the rider's style. This Z Zero Disc build is unusual in that it features an integrated seatpost.

There is almost an unlimited array of paint options, but it's interesting to see how many people opt for a raw finish. Everyone just loves seeing the full crafstmanship on full display. There's also the option to choose between unidirectional or weave for the carbon topsheet, and this frame was built with all weave, giving a very distinctive look.

The logos, which can be as bold, minimal or even absent, as the customer wishes, are in this case 3M reflective. Almost black without direct light, but as you'll see here, they pop like crazy in the light.

The orange Chris King hubs are also a standout feature, really adding an additional color note to the build.

For your own custom Parlee Z Zero Disc come and see us at Bespoke Cycling, London. With over 10 years partnership with Parlee and our expert fit process, why would you go anywhere else?


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