Best of the Build Gallery 2017

It's been a spectacular year of bespoke builds here at Bespoke Cycling. Our Build Gallery is positively bursting at the seams with beautiful bikes.

We decided to pick our 12 fave bikes from the past year, and it turned out to be a really difficult job. And there we were thinking it would be easy. How wrong we were. The debate rumbled on, tempers raised, lots of arguing over each bike and why it should be on the list, but we eventually managed to agree on a list that we think represents the quality and variety of bikes we've built this year.

You may not agree with this list, and we'd love to hear your thoughts, so why not let us know what you think of this list via Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to build your own bespoke bike, please get in touch with us and we'll start on the fit process, getting you the perfect fitting dream bike.